Tasha Dorsey

Private Chef | Cooking Instructor | Author

Tasha Dorsey is a Los Angeles based private chef, cooking instructor, and author. Her career in the culinary industry began over a decade ago. Chef Tasha further developed her skills with courses at Le Cordon Bleu alongside masterful chefs, leading her to become the Executive Chef at Bar & Grill in the heart of OC, California. Since then Chef Tasha has been a traveling chef for Grammy-award winning artist,NFL players, Olympic medalists, actors, and trainers. Her diverse experience spans wide and her adaptability allows her to tap into cuisines such as Italian, Latin, Modern, Creole and many more to ensure that she will deliver whatever you and your guests are craving, time and time again.​

Food is more than sustenance for Chef Tasha — her love for food promoted the creation of her cookbook series, Show You How To Chef, where she simplifies her 5-star recipes so they’re easy to recreate from the comfort of your own home. With her book series Chef Tasha aims to make cooking easy, accessible, and fun for everyone without sacrificing taste. In her series, Chef Tasha helps you not only create meals that are scrumptious but she also helps you deliver a meaningful experience for yourself, your loved ones and guests.

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